Calavera Collection

Día de los Muertos, commonly known as Day of the Dead, is traditionally a Mexican holiday celebrating deceased family members. The quote “Todos somos calaveras,” meaning “We are all skeletons,” exemplified the idea that lying underneath all faults and differences, everyone is the same and has their own skeleton underneath.

Eduardo Sanchez Calavera Collection displays the emotional power and raw energy of the “Day of the dead” by sharing the romantic and contemporary nature of Eduardo Sanchez Jewelry unique designs.

Día de los Muertos celebrations originated in Mexico and is now celebrated all across Latin America. Sometimes mistakenly referred to as “Mexican Halloween,” Día de los Muertos can be traced back to around 3000 years ago with the ancient Aztec people.

Eduardo Sanchez Limited Edition Calavera Collection is carefully hand-carved in fine silver with flowers details design along with ES signature silver coin dipped in 24k gold and chain, with a unique toggle closing system.

Eduardo Sanchez is dedicating this time of the year to remember all of our family and close friends with this Limited Edition Necklace; which truly, is a celebretion of life.