The story of the creation of Rome is most definitely part reality and part myth, which makes it all the more intriguing and fascinating.

It is said that the twins Romulus and Remus were suckled by a she-wolf before being rescued by a shepherd and then building the great city of Rome. The myth has always been a very strong symbol for Rome and the Roman and was made into a coin for the first time 250 years BCE.

Romulus & Remus Roman Coin  
(200 – 250 BC)

Mothers are dual like the two sides of a coin: fierce yet so caring, strong yet so gentle, wild yet so kind. Like the two opposite sides of a coin, they have one quality and if needed, its contrary.

The she-wolf coin is the perfect symbol to express all that duality: the fierceness, the strength, the wildness and yet, the gentleness, the kindness and the infinite love of a mother.

Romulus & Remus Roman Coin  
(200 – 250 BC)

This coin is also a reminder that a mother is whom loves us and cares for us. It is a message of love and tolerance for all. From the start, motherhood is never easy and though our children probably won’t build a city like Rome, we will help them build themselves the best way we can and that is enough of a task.

This collection is for all mothers and, actually, we are including the she-wolf coin or twin coin as part of Eduardo Sanchez’s permanent collection.

Romulus & Remus Roman Coin  
(200 – 250 BC)

Why? Oh well, of course because we love the meaning behind such an ancient and fundamental coin but, truth be told, because we think mothers ( and women in general but that’s for another article) should be celebrated constantly. Thankfully, we are in the right business for that.

So happy mother’s day to all!

With Love,


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