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After Sales Service Center Eduardo Sanchez Jewelry

Services are available in any of our Showrooms located in San José del Cabo, México. Locations
Customers are responsible for shipping fees.

Polishing Service – $20 usd
The pieces can be polished in order to bring back the original surface and restore the brilliant gleam of the precious metal without loosing its shape.
Notice that polishing a piece of jewelry involves removing a thin layer of metal; polishing pieces should be limited to two or three polishing services during the life of the piece.
Polishing cannot remove marks of deep scratches.

Re Sizing Service – complementary
This service consist on increasing or reducing the size of a piece of jewelry to properly fit its owner (bracelets, necklaces and/or ring) and caring that the aesthetics of the piece will not be altered.
This personalized service is carried out by our artisan jeweler and it includes:
Diagnostic, adjustment, polishing and cleaning (rhodium-plated finish if needed)
* This service includes ONE modification. If the customer requires an additional resizing service, additional costs will incur.

Engraving Service – $20
This service allows to customize your piece of jewelry by adding an engraved name, phrase or date if the technical conditions and size of the piece allows it.
Engraving is free during the first three months after the purchase by presenting the certificate of authenticity issued by ESJ. This service includes: diagnosis, engraving and cleaning.
Note: you can request to erase or replace an engraving with another.