Social Responsibility

Eduardo Sanchez Jewelry

Eduardo Sanchez believes that in return for what Los Cabos gives us every day; a successful company has a responsibility to support its community.

Eduardo’s inspiration and desire to help others begun in his childhood. Having the opportunity of living in Los Cabos since a young age, Eduardo has been watching Los Cabos grow rapidly. Foreign investments in tourism development have turned this area into the fastest-growing destination in Mexico, but unfortunately leaving gaps in the most vulnerable areas, forgetting about social deprivation and people with fewer possibilities.

“I have been fortunate in developing my professional career abroad and having the tools in creating a successful company in Mexico; it is my responsibility to contribute a constant support to the local communities. I share this philosophy with my family and colleagues by having them participate in each project.”

“My goal is to support the artistic talent of children and adults, so we can show the world the potential that exists in Mexico.”