Eduardo Sanchez Jewelry proudly presents BRITANIA a limited, special edition from the Querencia Collection.

Eduardo has been working on this for 4 years.  He believes the timing must be perfect, especially when it comes to such a special collection.

BRITANIA is meant to make a statement.  These are chunky pieces using limited edition British coins, white diamonds, black diamonds and pearls.  It is a representation of the evolution of the jewelry from Royalty to the rest of the world.  In keeping the message of sentimental stories hidden behind each piece, the jewelry has been the center of important moments of our own history and celebrations.

His and Hers

The concept of gender-free jewelry is not new but 2020 has seen a subtle shift from trend to something more classic and permanent.  This new era of acceptance and inclusivity is having a noticeable effect on the world of jewelry design.  By removing the concept of gender in the creative process, a whole new category of jewelry has emerged that mirrors the increasingly fluid world around us.


The pieces that make up the collection, like most Eduardo Sanchez designs can be used in many ways and for different occasions.  The goal is to have fun anytime you wear them.