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Eduardo Sanchez Jewelry Guarantee

National and American (USA) guarantees
Your ESJ jewelry is guaranteed against all manufacturing defects for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase according to the following terms.
If the piece is returned for repairment during the 12 months warranty period; any defective component resulted from a manufacturer defect duly proved by our technical services will be repaired or replaced free of charge at the discretion of Eduardo Sanchez Jewelry.
After the 12 month warranty period has expired, any service or repair will incur in additional costs. Details of costs

The ESJ warranty excludes:
The warranty effectively excludes loss, damage, or theft, which are standard protections with jewelry insurance.
-This warranty excludes normal wear and tear and/or damage resulting in abuse or water damage.
-The warranty excludes defects or damages resulting from improper use, abuse, alteration, modification and unauthorized interventions which have not been carried out by ESJ, defects or damages resulting from the use of components not recommended by ESJ.

In order to validate the warranty it is essential to present the ESJ warranty certificate (which is handed to our customers along with the sales receipt at the time of purchase) in any of our showrooms duly completed with date, stamp and signature by ESJ.
We therefore kindly ask that you carefully keep your certificate of authenticity and warranty.
Expenses relating to transportation, including the cost of shipping, insurance and packaging, are the responsibility of the jewelry owner.