“Día de los Muertos”, commonly
known as Day of the Dead, is
traditionally a Mexican holiday
celebrating deceased family

The quote “Todos somos calaveras”,
meaning “We are all skeletons”,
exemplified the idea that lying
underneath all faults and
differences, everyone is the same
and has their own skeleton

EduardoSanchez Calavera Collection
displays the emotional power and raw
energy of the “Day of the dead” by sharing
the romantic and contemporary nature of
Eduardo Sanchez Jewelry unique

Día de los Muertos celebrations originated
in Mexico and is now celebrated all across
Latin America.

Sometimes mistakenly referred to as
“Mexican Halloween”, Día de los Muertos
can be traced back to around 3000 years
ago with the ancient Aztec people.

Eduardo Sanchez is dedicating this
time of the year to remember all of our
family and close friends with this
Limited Edition Necklace; which truly,
i s a celebretion of life.


“todos somos calavera”


Life is a journey and only you hold the KEY

Love is the Key
There’s something about the look of a single key charm hanging on a long delicate chain that we absolutely love.
Brightly shining ESJ Keys will be treasured forever.
A limited collection of 10 keys, each one unique.
Pure gold Mexican coin in the center of the key which is surrounded by precious stones: Sapphires, Rubies or Tanzanite and the Master Key With Diamonds.
ESJ Keys are radiant symbols of a great future. This amazing pendant with pure gold Mexican coin and precious stones exudes a dazzling sparkle.

Zama Collection

Inspired by the lost mayan civilization

Exotic and Bold, Zama Collection was inspired by the lost Mayan civilizations, its mysteries and richness. Each piece is beautifully handcrafted in our studio with the finest materials that Mexico has to offer and this is what makes each piece so special and one - of - a - kind THIS FEMENINE COLLECTION IS DESIGNED TO MAKE A STATEMENT FOR THE JUNGLE GODDESS Inspired by the magic of the old ruins of the Mayan city "Zama" Eduardo Sanchez create a collection that is modern and mesmerizing. This exotic collection features coins in a brand new and disguised fashion: The head of the quetzalcoatl presented in these pieces were used in old Mexican 5 pesos coin.

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