The Day of The Dead

Calavera Collection

Eduardo Sanchez created this limited edition collection in collaboration with Heremoana, a Tahitian renowned artist and sculptor. He chose this unique artist to design with him pieces that are colorful and symbolic. The Tahitian mother of pearls reflects colors close to the ones of a Tahitian black pearl: From blue, to green, to a bright violet. Colors are also what makes the day of the dead such a special holiday. This traditional day is all about the colors of life. It is the occasion to remember the one we lost in the happiest possible fashion. This is the way Mexicans celebrate and thank their loved ones who watch over them form the skies above.

This special collection is a tribute not to Mexico but to generations of Mexicans. Eduardo Sanchez associated his strong attachment to this special day with the amazing craftsmanship of a Tahitian artist who can bring life to his carving.

This allegory of death is truly an allegory of life.

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