Cocktail Ring

Waving it all around at the party when you are telling a story, flashing it as you pose on the red carpet, twirling it around when you feel like playing shy – hands down, a cocktail ring is one of the best ways to show that you´ve got style. It´s all about size and making a statement. The cashet of a cocktail ring it´s about being bold, daring and adverturous.

Fun Fact

The term “Cocktail ring” emerged during Prohibition, when women would wear large, bold rings to illegal cocktail parties. A woman would flit her hand around, drawing attention to the bauble, to let you know that not only was she drinking illegally, she was doing it with style.

Ring a ding ding

When to looking for a cocktail ring:

  • Size matters: Go big or go home. Go for five carats or more. The bigger and bolder, the better.
  • Be dramatic: The cocktail ring is meant to make a statement, start a conversation, and represent a piece of your personality.

A must have for sure…

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