ZAMA Collection

Tulum is a magical place. The city itself is nowadays packed with curious tourists form all over the world eager to discover its ruins, its beaches, cenotes and more.

But what is magical about Tulum is truly its history. What is left of the walled city of Zama is its most famous attraction. I went in as a curious tourist and I left with mixed feelings.

Zama means the city of dawn as it is said that this is the first point were the rays of the sun touch the Mexican land. It must have been grandiose to live there. On one side, the infinite blue of the sea, on the other a natural barrier of deep green jungle.

I was both proud to belong to such a rich Mayan heritage and deeply sad that part of its culture has disappeared.

The magic infusing Zama is overwhelming and I knew right away I had to pay tribute to this lost Mayan city my own way.

I decided to use bold and exotic gem stones, metals, shapes and colors to bring back life to Zama and to ease the sadness that I felt seeing the city empty of souls. As coins are my signature, I found the perfect one to enhance this collection: I replicated an old 5 pesos coin displaying Quetzalcoatl, the feathered snake. He is the Mayan god of wind and learning.

May he help me carry the old Mayan knowledge, preserve the memory of Zama and spread it all – with its wings – across the globe.

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